Elnos Group stepped on the Norwegian market

News | Januar 12, 2018

Team Elnos Group today began its works on its first project in Norway. It is a capital project NORDLINK Green-link, i.e. Project construction of the first interconnection which will allow a direct connection between the Norwegian and German energy market. As a subcontractor of ABB, we are responsible for the performance of electrical installation works on the construction of HVDC converter station Ertsmyra and transition station Vollesfjord. The voltage level of the substation is +/- 515 kV, and its transmission capacity is 1,400 MW.
NORDLINK is energy connection that will provide exchange of electricity derived exclusively from renewable sources between the power systems of Germany and Norway. The transfer of power will take place the longest HVDC system in Europe. Interconnection has a total length of 623 km, between the two converter stations located in Wilster in Germany and in Tonstad, Norway.
Start the realization of the first contract on the Norwegian market for Elnos Group means creating new opportunities in a country which is the world's third exporter of energy. At the same time our great challenge is that this is one of the projects that will enable the creation of an integrated European energy market.
Fulfilled demanding conditions
For access to the Norwegian market, it was necessary to pass a demanding and time-consuming procedure of opening the company, that we have successfully completed in August 2017. Our activity in the new market includes engineering in the field of construction and reconstruction of high-voltage transmission lines and substations.