Elnos Group is proud of making important Spreader 12.000

News | Februar 1, 2018

Probation work of the Spreader 12,000 was completed, and this impressive machine is now officially handed over “in hand” to the end user, Elektroprivreda Srbije.
Spreader 12,000 is part of the first green project realized in the field of mining for EPS, and Elnos Group was proud of his construction. In past two years that the project lasted, Elnos Group is a subcontractor company FL Smitdh, carried out joint tasks of the contract included the design, supply, delivery, installation of electrical equipment and commissioning massive machines.
Team Elnos Group has incorporated complete professional electrical equipment and thus revived the largest spreader in the mines of EPS until now. This mining machine has installed capacity of about 5630 kW, weighs 2,060 tons and is 130 meters long. Spreader 12,000 falls into the category of the most advanced in the field of application of “green” solutions in mining.
Since implementing trays in MB Kolubara will be numerous benefits, and coal will be exploited more efficiently and environmentally justifiable. The ultimate goals of the project are cleaner air by reducing wear and tear of equipment and maintenance costs.