Elnos starts a new project in Scandinavia

News | Novembar 13, 2018

Elnos Group teams started realization of another significant endeavor in Sweden.
We are participating in project of constructing two new 400 kV substations Skogssäter and rehabilitation of a part of the old 400 kV substation of the same name in Trollhättan in the West part of this country.
The existing substation Skogssäter is a part of system within the company Svenska Kraftnät. It was commissioned 45 years ago and its technical life age is about to end.
Due to increasing needs of electrical power system in Sweden, Investor builds new substations close to the old one, whereas the old substation is going to be partly rehabilitated and mostly removed.
In the frame of the project, which Elnos Group is a part of, we are assembling two new 400 kV interconnected plants CT15 and CT16 in new substations.
Our activities also include assembly of primary equipment in switchyard of 400 kV Skogssäter substation, assembly of steel construction for high-voltage devices, assembly of high-voltage devices and busbar system, construction of high-voltage connections in fields, connection to grounding of structure and devices, as well as assembly of capacitor storage banks.
Apart from this, our activities include primary connecting of two existing transformers and rector for new interconnected plants as well as assembly of breakers and six voltage transformers of 130 kV transmission line bay.
New 400 kV Skogssäter transformers, if works perform in planned time schedule, shall be functional in phase by 2019, i.e. by 2021. Old Skogssäter substation shall completely stop its operation in 2022.