Year of great achievements

News | Decembar 31, 2018

End of year for most of us represent the time to underscore lines and analysis of the most important activities of the past 365 days. Looking back, we strive to create a better plan for the time to come. We in Elnos Group this end of the year proudly could be called the year of growth, business achievements and success.
Our motivation and implementation of modern energy solutions have proven as a key for creating good results, with the confirmation of a significant growth of turnover and the increase in the number of employees in 2018.
We continued with the implementation of strategic aims, with primary emphasis on strengthening participation in the field of renewable energy.
This is the segment where we emphasize participation in the project of building a wind farm Čibuk 1, the largest wind farm of the Western Balkan. This year, projects in the field of hydro power plants gave a significant stamp of our business. Behind us is the completion of works under the project of building hydro power plant small Bočac 2, the successful revitalization of the three mini-hydro power plants in the region of West Serbia (Turica, Seljašnica and Radaljska banja), as well as continuation of works on revitalization hydro power plant Zvornik, and entering in the final phase of works under the project of building mini –hydro power plants Sitonija and Golubača in the Republic of Srpska.
Participation in the energy projects of European significance is one of the most powerful business achievements in 2018. From the beginning of the year we were part of the venture capital NordLink, the project of building energy links that will provide exchange of electricity derived exclusively from renewable sources between the power systems of Germany and Norway. The transfer of power will be provide with the longest HVDC system in Europe, and Elnos Group in the context of this project was responsible for the perform of electrical works at construction of HVDC converter substation Ertsmyra and switchyard Voles fjord in Norway. We are also part of the enterprise of building HVDC cable connection that will provide the exchange of electricity between the power systems of Italy and Montenegro, within which we are in charge of carrying out electrical installation works on the construction of HVDC convertor substation Lastva Grbaljska in Montenegro.
This is the year where we have significantly expanded the portfolio in the segment of construction and modernization of transmission lines and substations in Sweden, our team have again confirmed their willingness to successfully perform tasks in extreme conditions. Confirmation of professionalism and expediency of our teams in Sweden was the project of dismantling and assembling spectacular high poles (100 and 86 meters), 400 kV transmission line Brigholme and extremely demanding assembly of transmission line helped by helicopter at project building a new 130 kV transmission line through the channel Södertälje .
Our division for the substation is also in this Nordic country implemented a series of very important projects, among which we highlight the reconstruction of 130/20 kV substation Skånes-Fagerhult and 130/20 kV Bjärnum and construction of substations 400/130 kV Porjusberget and 400 kV FT6 Barsebäck.
Project and operational teams of the Group in this year also confirmed that they are ready to work at the most complex electrical tasks throughout Europe. In 2018 we have the best way to prove that in participation of the construction of hydro power plant Búrfell 2 at Iceland within which our team performed electrical installation works 100 meters under the ground.
Elnos Group was a participant of one of the largest infrastructure projects in the Republic of Srpska, the construction of the highway Banja Luka-Doboj (71.9 kilometers). Construction was completed in this year, thanks to our participation, at the highway are created conditions of maximum safety of traffic in regular and emergency conditions, stable supply of public lighting, road signaling, ICT portals and SOS phone.
The previous year was successful in the field of transmission lines at the domestic and regional market. Within them we emphasize that the teams in Elnos started the construction of the new 110 kV transmission line Gacko-Nevesinje, this transmission line will ultimately be long 40 km and successfully completed the projects for recovery of the transmission line 2 × 110 kV Banja Luka 6-Prijedor-Knežica and implementation of 110 kV transmission line in the substation 110/20 kV Krnješevci.

It is a stronger market position of our Slovenian member, which left behind a dozen of realized projects in the area of substations and transmission lines (SS 400/220/110 kV Divača, SS 110 kV Slovenska Bistrica, SS Pekra, TL 110 kV Pivka-Postojna, TL 110 kV Grosuplje-Trebnje, SS Kobarid …).

Stability and quality of business Elnos BL Banja Luka was awarded one of the most important European certificate which defining the quality and stability of financial operating – the golden certificate of credit excellence awarded by the well-known European certification company Bisnode.

We have successfully carried out the recertification of existing ones, and we are at the end of the phase of the introduction of two new ISO standards, ISO 27001 System of management and Information Security System and ISO 50001 Energy Management System.

Through the implementation of new projects, we have strengthened our partnerships and made very significant breakthroughs in the European, regional and domestic markets and we can say with joy that behind us is a very successful year.
Making good results has become a trademark of our business.

We believe that the implementation of our new projects of energy future and realization of new and more challenging achievements will bring us even more successful future that we desire.

Dear friends, we wish you a successful, happy and energetic new 2019 year.