We started constructing a powerline from Gacko to Nevesinje

News | Septembar 3, 2018

Valuable teams Elnos BL are today in Gacko, where started construction of the new 110 kV transmission line Gacko-Nevesinje.
This is another in a series of important projects which Elnos BL performs as leader of the consortium “Power Engineering” within the framework of a large investment cycle “Elektroprenos BiH”. The consortium entrusted the procurement of materials and equipment and complete works on the construction of transmission lines.
This autumn and winter, our teams will be in challenge of building a new transmission line during cruel natural and weather conditions of Herzegovina.The total length of the transmission line Gacko-Nevesinje is in amount of 40 kilometers and where it will be raised a total of 166 poles.
Implementation of this project will be increased in the future the security of supply of both municipalities in a great extent. So far, the municipality of Gacko received electricity only from the of Bileca and Nevesinje from Mostar, and the construction of new transmission lines Gacko-Nevesinje will be provided bilaterally power supply between the two municipalities.
The deadline for completion of the project is the end of March next year.