Building a new substation in north Sweden

News | August 16, 2018

Elnos group this summer is part of another important project on the territory of Sweden. Our teams perform complete electrical installation works at 130 kV new substation Porjusberget 400/130 kV, which will be an important new link for connection Porjus hydro power plant to the electricity grid.
The project of construction a new substation 400/130 kV Porjusberget represents an important link to increase the level of security of electricity supply in the north part of the Scandinavian countries.
The new substation, which will replace the old substation Porjus Gamla, consists of eight transmission, two transformer fields and one reactor.
Our teams in the framework of this project currently are performing works on laying and connecting command signal cables in the plant of a new substation. We ended the works on assembly of steel portals and steel construction, and recently we are completed the installation of primary equipment and primary connections in the plant of a new substation.
The project investor is the company Eldistribution Vattenfall AB, a main contractor is Linjemontage i Grästorp AB. The deadline for the works is mid-October this year.

Porjus Hydro power Plant
Porjus Hydro Power Plant is one of the oldest and third largest hydro power plant in Sweden. It was built in 1915, in the period between 1971-1982. it was moved to the new building, while its old building turned into a museum.