Link in building energy bridge Italy-Montenegro

News | Juli 12, 2018

Project of constructing HVDC cable link providing exchange of electrical power between electrical power systems of Italy and Montenegro is in its pre-final phase. Power shall be transferred through HVDC system, and interconnection between transformer stations in Pescara in Italy and Lastva Grbaljska in Montenegro shall be 375 kilometers long.
In the frame of this project, Elnos Group is in charge of performing a part of electrical assembly works on constructing transformer station Lastva in Montenegro. Installed power of this HVDC transformer station amounts to 1000 MW, and its voltage level is +/- 500 kV DC.
In our part of works, we are to perform electrical assembly works of 400 kV plant, filter plant and converting transformers along with three other consortium partners. Apart from this, our electrical assembly works of the control facility include installation of the in-house consumption, remote control and relay protection, installation of systems of general consumption, technical consumers and lighting, low-voltage power and thermal-technical installation of mechanical plant.
This week, Italian company Terna, the Investor of the project, successfully completed voltage test of entire undersea cable going from Italy to Montenegro. Preconditions for start of the synchronizing undersea infrastructure with Montenegrin national transfer network shall be created upon completion of works on transformer station Lastva. According to adopted time schedule, these should be completed by the end of this year.
Generally, construction of HVDC cable link between Montenegro and Italy is a new step forward to building integrated European electrical power market, by which Montenegro shall become a significant electrical power regional junction.