Modernized generators at HPP “Zvornik” put into operation

News | Januar 23, 2018

Two revitalized generators of hydro power plant “Zvornik” today officially put into operation, bringing the power of this energy giant on the Drina increased by nearly 15 megawatts. “New Life” generator A1 and A2 is the first stage of the future of HPP Zvornik, which is pointed out Aleksandar Antić, Minister of Energy and mining of Serbia, when they start with working.
“The process of revitalization of the hydro power plant „Zvornik“ will give full glory in the next 40 years,” said Antić on this occasion.
Elnos Group in the context of this capital project at the forefront of many domestic operations engaged in its realization. Our work on the revitalization include: four generators and TL 110 kV, design and execution of electromechanical parts, delivery and commissioning protective and control devices and systems .Confirmation of well-done job about modernization of the first two generators was arrived before the formalization of the start of work. The generators are already produced 2,619 MWh on 12 December 2017, during his first working day of the trial, down the historical record in production of this 63 year old hydropower plant.
Revitalization of HPP Zvornik is part of the investment cycle, “Elektroprivreda Srbije”, and after completion of the complete revitalization the power of hydro power plant „Zvornik” will increase from 96 to 124 MW. Completion of the entire project is scheduled for October, 2019.