New power for two substations in Sweden

News | Oktobar 19, 2018

Elnos teams entered into the final stage of another important project in the south of Sweden. We are part of the project of reconstruction of 130/20 kV substation Skånes-Fagerhult and 130/20 kV Bjärnum, important to create a modern and stable power system in this Scandinavian country.
In the first stage of reconstruction of our teams in both substations carried out installation of a new 130 kV transmission field, the new 130 kV transformer bays and new 130 kV external field. This was followed by the release of the newly built 130 kV installation under the voltage, and removal of the existing 130 kV substation and transmission field.
The second stage has brought a continuation of activities in the field of installation of the new transmission and transformer field, of the same voltage.
Our work has involved a complete installation of metal structures, electrical elements in these fields, as well as making all the primary connections. Also it was carried secondary wiring, as well as the installation of new devices in microprocessor for 130 kV and 20 kV facilities in the substation Bjärnum new protection device for microprocessor 130 kV, 20 kV and 10 kV facility in substation Skånes-Fagerhult.
Bjärnum substation has already been put under voltage, while at the substation Skånes-Fagerhult now we successfully carry out the second stage of works.
Reconstructed substation will increase the reliability of the electricity system of Sweden.
The project investor is E.ON ELNAT Svergie AB, a main contractor is Siemens AB Svergie. All reconstruction works on both the substation will be completed by the first half of December this year.