We improve Swedish electrical power transfer network

News | April 3, 2018

Continuity of projects, where Elnos Group is involved in improvement of electrical power transfer network of Sweden, is continued. This time, skill of working in difficult and specific conditions, governed by locations with dense population and harsh Scandinavian winter, was confirmed in Dalarna District. In March, our team dismounted a line of phase ducts and isolators of two-system 145 kV Kablifiering L26 Borlänge transmission line.
Mentioned specific working conditions were additionally aggravated by section location with numerous cross-sections with facilities, roads and parking lots. Due to this, safety of work performance was at the first place along with highest level of protection of employees as well as inhabitants.
Elnos Group fought these challenges and demounted transmission line in planned deadline. In this way, Borlänge town made a positive step in complying with standards, which order that transmission lines are to be out of densely inhabited areas as much as possible.