We donate the first creative playground for children of Banja Luka

News | Novembar 27, 2017

Ceremonial release of balloons into the air today in Ravnogorska Street in Banja Luka, suburb Nova Varoš, is opened a playground the “New Energy”. This modern place for play, created by the standards of the modern era, was formed as a result of donations of companies Elnos Group and “Tenzo”, from the creative idea to the realization of the construction works.

The beginning of the children's joys were officially  made Igor Radojičić, Mayor of Banja Luka, Dušan Torbica, CEO of Elnos Group, Branko Torbica, director of the company “Elnos BL” and Željko Petrović, director of “Tenzo”.

Dušan Torbica after the opening ceremony said that Elnos Group participated in this project with great enthusiasm, leading with the idea that the children's joy, smile and imagination are truly the greatest lifetime value.

“We wanted to surprise boys and girls of Banja Luka by giving them a nice place to play as it can be seen in famous world metropolis and I hope that we have at least partially succeeded in that intention. The happiness and surprise we can see today on their faces are truly the greatest reward for our efforts invested in this project, “said Torbica after the opening ceremony.
The creative playground in Ravnogorska is a combination of modern design which is perfectly fitted into the existing green area. It has the capacity to play 70 children simultaneously on it, and fulfills the most EU standards related to the safety of equipment and safety rubber crumb surface.
The “New Energy” playground is specific in that it is entirely 450 meters square, covered with a colorful, playful security rubber surface, on which area children can play without risk of injury.
Setting up of creative safety rubber surface was completely realized by the company “Tenzo”.
“We took the initiative to show our activity in the new and creative light within the project of building playgrounds in Nova Varoš. Today, when the project is completed, we can say that we are proud of the works realization of setting up a very playful surfaces that provides maximum level of security in the children's game, “said Željko Pertović, director of Tenzo.
Mayor Radojičić said at the opening, that this is the eighth playground which was built since the beginning of the year in a large action of the City Administration and socially responsible companies.

“The playground is located in a neighborhood where is settled a lot of buildings and new objects, near the school and kindergarten. Thanks to the companies’ Elnos “and” Tenzo „ which are built this playground to the delight of children and their parents,” said Radojičić.