Put into operation substation 110/20 kV Gradiška 2

News | Decembar 14, 2017

In the town Vrbaška, near Gradiška was officially put into operation a newly built substation 110/20 kV Gradiška 2. Start up the works in substation Gradiška 2 is formalized director of “Elektroprenos BiH”, Mate Žarić and Mayor of city Gradiška, Zoran Adzić.

Adzić on this occasion said that the newly built substation Gradiška 2 is very important for the supply of electricity to consumers in the area of ​​ Potkozarja and will unload substations Nova Topola and Gradiška 1.
“The new substation is of great importance for future power supplying of border crossing, customs terminal and bridge on the river Sava, but also for the industrial zone Liman,” Adzić said.

After the ceremony, Žarić reminded that the substation was built by companies from Republic of Srpska within a year, and within the framework of the ten-year plan of “Elektroprenos BiH”.

As part of the consortium Elektroenergetika, Elnos Group was participated in the construction of the new substation 110/20 kV Gradiška 2.

Within this project, Elnos Group has completed the works of installation of high voltage equipment. Parallel with the end of the electro installation works, the Elnos Group's transmission line team carried out the implementation of transmission line of the Banjaluka 6-Gradiška 1 into the Gradiška 2 substation by the input-output system.

The substation Gradiška 2 consists of two transmission lines, two transformers and one measuring field of 110 kV. Connections of the local system with protection and management terminals, as well as the remote control system in the substation Banjaluka 6 and the substation Gradiška 1 are optical.

In the substation Gradiška 2 was built in a 110/20 kV transformer, which was included also the installation of cabinets of protection and controlling which have been made in Elnos electrical installation workshop. As part of this project was built also the second transformer field that is fully equipped and ready for subsequent installation of the second transformer, which will in the future provide a capacity expansion of substations Gradiška 2.