Spectacular assembly of transmission lines in Sweden

News | Januar 30, 2018

Teams Elnos Group today confirmed that we can successfully meet the highest requirements in the project of building a new 130 kV transmission line through the channel Sodertalje, Sweden.
Installation of new transmission lines was made at spectacular way, backed by helicopters, which our teams on the ground descended piecemeal transmission line elements. Fitters are works of raising poles doing so in a way you are taking the parts out of the air and assembled them on the spot.
A support by helicopter in this part of the project was necessary because they were the only permissible means of transport for heavy transport in environmentally protected areas in this part of Sweden.
This unique undertaking is not often seen, and with its successful execution, we confirm that we meet the most demanding requirements in the EU markets.
Otherwise, Elnos Group within the project realized task of dismantling and assembling of two new transmission line poles and installation of steel wires and OPGW cable on the route of two kilometers long.
One pole is located on the Swedish mainland and the other is on the neighboring Island Kiholmen. The project investor is the Swedish Vattenfall, and according to the approved works schedule project will be completed on February, 11th this year.