Industry and installation

Modern trends for the better standard

Engineering in the field of industry and installation specialises in the design and integration of automation and process management systems, and electrical installations, along with power supply systems in buildings for various purposes. These are complex and demanding projects, at which we apply a holistic approach “at customers’ needs”, from technical and consulting services, the design of projects and various technical and commercial solutions, to the execution of installations, commissioning of facilities, and maintenance.

Industry and technology are constantly changing, bringing new demands and challenges. Therefore, our solutions in this area are flexible, and include: design and integration of systems in refineries, food industry, heating plants running on biomass and animal biomass, sugar mills, and other industrial objects. We offer solutions that will improve energy efficiency and effectiveness in the use of resources, always bearing in mind the protection of the environment.

In the field of electrical installations, different types of buildings are included: residential and business buildings, large shopping centres, industrial and sports halls, hotels, banks, telecommunication centres, and the like. We have a long list of references and extensive experience covering the full range of installations of high and low voltage levels.