We create new values

By implementing complex projects that contribute to the welfare of the society in a safe, efficient, and sustainable manner, infrastructure engineering creates new values for everyday life. Our experienced team of experts in the field of construction, rehabilitation, reconstruction, and maintenance of electrical engineering (EE ) systems for various networks of resources has an excellent reference list, which is, based on the number and diversity of projects, in the leading position in Elnos Group.

Technical structures and systems dealt with in this part of the engineering include: motorways, railways, tunnels, telecommunications, industry and manufacturing, electrical networks, EE systems, and the like. It includes a wide range of activities in the field of electrical engineering systems, such as construction, reconstruction, and maintenance of power transformer stations and transmission lines of medium voltage, low voltage power grid, public lighting, as well as complete electrical installation works for the mentioned technical structures and systems, as well as monitoring of traffic management centres. Owing to the professionalism and high quality of our services and exceptional resources, particularly in respect of railway infrastructure, we stand as the trusted and preferred contractor of public enterprises, private companies and investors.