Installed second capsule generator in MHPP Bočac 2

News | Maj 8, 2018

Second capsule generator weighing 55 tons 5 MW power has been installed today in mini hydro power plant Bočac 2, which officially makes another big step within final phase of works on it construction.

MHPP Bočac 2 installed power shall be 10 MW and it shall be connected to the electrical power network of the Republic of Srpska since September. At the same time, this is the first project of constructing new hydro power plants where Elnos Group leads entire electrical-mechanical and hydro-mechanical phase.

“Today, we have completed a significant and demanding phase of mounting electrical-mechanical equipment and two stages of connecting electrical power, control-managing cables and functional test are to follow. Test synchronization of the MHPP Bočac 2 generator with the network shall be performed in mid-August”, announced Marko Mijić, Deputy Executive Director for Elnos BL engineering.

Construction of MHPP Bočac 2 is a developing project of multiple importances for the system of Elektroprivreda RS and Mrkonjić Grad economy, and installation of capsule generator was attended by Milorad Dodik, the President of the Republic of Srpska.

“I am proud of the fact projects such as this shall provide what all societies in the region are dreaming of and this is establishment of additional level of energy stability”, said Dodik on this occasion.

Nedeljko Kesić, Direktor of the ZP Hidroelektrane na Vrbasu a.d. Mrkonjić Grad, Investor of this project, said that expected annual production of the MHPP Bočac 2 would amount to 42 GWh.

“This mini hydro power plant was constructed in line with latest current valid technological trend at the market. This is a facility that will strengthen energy stability of West part of the Republic of Srpska. Total value of this investment amounts to BAM 42 million, and I believe it shall pay back totally in six to seven years’ period”, rekao je Kesić.