Successfully revitalized two old MHPP of West Serbia

News | August 5, 2018

Elnos Group, as a leading member of a consortium formed with the company Kössler GmbH & Co KG, successfully completed revitalization of old mini-hydro power plants Turica and Seljašnica in the region of West Serbia.
Reconstruction of two hydropower facilities was completed within a year, after which it was delineated their handover to the investor, the Electric Power Industry of Serbia.
Start a “new life” of two old mini-hydro power plant is a part of a whole challenge of revitalization of seven old mini-hydro power plants in this region.
Our consortium has carried out works of production, testing, delivery, installation and commissioning of electromechanical equipment mini-hydro power plants into operation.
This is a project that includes works that represent a special and demanding technical combination of the combination of old and new technologies. The hardest thing to do is fit in, as some parts are kept in revitalization, and only repair is done. In the former 100-year-old pearl of technology, we install state-of-the-art sophisticated equipment, software and the finest materials, and this is a big challenge.
MHPP Seljašnica is a diversion type of MHPP and it is positioned on the same name. It was first time put into operation 65 years ago. The installed power of this MHPP is 900 kW, and its average annual production is 2 GWh.
MHPP Turica is an energy facility from 1928. It is positioned on the Djetinja river near Uzice, has an installed power of 320 kW, and its average annual production is 1.95 GWh.
Undertaking of reconstruction of seven mini-hydro power plants on the territory of West Serbia aims to increase the number of kWh produced from renewable sources of energy, increasing the production capacity of power plants, creating a new level of confidence in the work, and generally repairing electricity situation.