Elnos Group employees celebrated the beginning of a new year

News | Januar 13, 2019

End of the year is the time when good results has to be celebrated, a company employee Elnos Group are entering into a new business year 2019. and welcomed it in the festive atmosphere of the new restaurant “Stara Ada” in Banja Luka.
CEO of Elnos Group, Dušan Torbica on this occasion said that he is proud of the company results which would not be possible without hardworking workers, and used the opportunity to all employees wished all the best in the year at the very beginning.
Corporate celebration of a New Year is also an opportunity to recall last year's the most significant enterprise, reward loyal long-time employees, but also to have fun in a good atmosphere and to prepare for new adventures.
A large number of our employees from Serbia, Republic of Srpska, Montenegro, Macedonia, Slovenia, Iceland and Sweden, again proved that we are the collective of cheerful spirits.
We believe that for the years to come we have new reasons to celebrate and that we will, as always, successfully deal with business challenges.