On the sunny side of Medeno Polje

News | June 30, 2023

The construction of the solar power plant Medeno Polje (4.98 MW) is a new important step forward for the company in the field of solar power in Bosnia and Herzegovina. At the end of June, the pace of work on this picturesque terrain began to speed up.

Medeno Polje solar power plant will cover 5.23 hectares of land in west BiH, will have a total of 6,890 solar panels, and will be created on the location of the karst field near Bosanski Petrovac.

The construction of SE Medeno polje brought to Elnos Group the implementation of works according to the “turnkey” system.

More precisely, our teams carry out: the installation of solar panels, then the installation of the associated substructures and inverters, as well as the laying of AC and DC cables on the stretch from the inverters to the substations, and the phase of testing the operation of the solar power plant and its commissioning.

The work of our teams started in April, and according to the planned dynamics, they should be finished in September of this year.

Elnos Group will strengthen its portfolio in this increasingly dominant field of renewable energy sources by implementing a new venture in the field of solar energy. Newly contracted projects in this area also confirm that we are capturing an increasingly significant connection: our teams will build a solar power plant in Croatia near Đakovo, and three small rooftop solar power plants will be built in Bosnia and Herzegovina.