75 years of tradition – power for a new vision is in the past


Tradition has a subtle role to connect us today with the things from yesterday. It keeps a huge experience power and knowledge for making a new value for the times that comes.

A 2020, is a year of important jubilees for us in Elnos Group. This is the period when we recall how much dedicated work and skill we make in order to build the business vision of the company. One thing is certain, a long business path we passed, was an important factor that brought us to the position where we today, as modern international power engineering concern and a part of electrical energy future.

It’s been 75 years since the establishment of Poljostroj, precursor of Agrovojvodina, and 25 years since the Elnos BL in Banja Luka starts works, a first member of Elnos Group. A 2020 is a year of younger, but no less significant jubilees for our members – Elnos Macedonia celebrates 10 years and Elnos Iceland five years of existence.

elnos srbija2

Elnos Group today is an international contractual concern, responsible and important member of the community in which it operates. And it started like this … Elnos is developed in Agrovojvodina, an economic giant and leader of business in the former Yugoslavia. Agrovojvodina for the decades recorded impressive business results not only in Yugoslavia, but also in its branch offices in the major European centers.

As a true leader in many economic sectors, Agrovojvodina also dealt with power industry. Intensive expansion of these business fields brought some organizational changes, the most important are two. It is the establishment of specialized companies, of which the first was Metalelektro, established in 1966, and secondly, Elnos, 1980. Elnos achieved outstanding business achievements, constantly expanding network of representative offices in the country and abroad. In 1995 Elnos BL was established.

Since its establishment, the strength of Elnos BL is concentrated on the making and implementation of long-term opportunities for the company’s growth and development. With dedicated and ethical implementation of the business strategy was built an international power company Elnos Group, which operates in eleven countries in South-Eastern, Central and Northern Europe (Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, Northern Macedonia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Nederland and Iceland) and employs more than 500 workers.


“We have been passed a long way during which we have grown into a modern international concern. We were aware that this can be achieved only if there is willingness; work commitment and personal passion of all the employees that their business dreams come true. For every serious step forward, it is always necessary to strive for better and more advanced solutions. I believe that this is the correct business recipe that finally had to give a good result. Now we are getting into the great jubilee – 75 years of tradition. For the time ahead us, we have prepared a lot of new things with an intention to cherish tradition, and to create a sustainable energy future”, said Dušan Torbica, president of Elnos Group.


Elnos Group has managed to become active and successful entity and an eligible partner at the European market of knowledge and technology and synonymous for ‘know-how’. What we once wished for, today we have reached. Our design and operational teams construct and revived the most complex new technological power infrastructures across Europe; we have positioned us among the leading companies in our business field and cooperate with a wide network of the most famous international corporations and companies.


We have a reason to be satisfied, and the achieved results give us even more motivation to create a better position at the regional, European and world markets.