Biosco CS – solution for safe and smart network

Modern distributive network is one of the most significant tasks and biggest challenges of distribution companies. By making Biosco CS substations, Elnos offered high standard solution as ideal response to this challenge.


Elnos Serbia is the only licensed partner of “Schneider Electric” for producing substations Biosco CS in Serbia and region. We are proud that Biosco CS substations from our factory in the past seven years at the market have confirmed why they fall into the category of the most modern, comprehensive technological solutions.
Distributive remote controllable substations Biosco CS, 10(20)/0.4 kV power up to1000 kVA are typical, tested product enabling simple, optimal and safe use of networks, and its controllable system provides reliable network, satisfied users and balance of consumption and production.

Series of advantages lead to always exact result

Biosco CS substations are meant for urban areas, take little space and easily blend in the environment. They are innovation since it takes only one day for installation, six to eight hours, to be precise, which is one of its biggest benefits both for distributors and end users.
Other, also important benefits of this product are: small dimensions of the facility, safe access to certain equipment parts, optimal equipment arrangement, automation, simplicity in handling and application of remote control. In exploitation, substations are very safe and simple for maintenance and they provide minimum failure duration occurring in network.


Costs and deadline cutting

Biosco CS substations will become dominant in the upcoming period since they are practical for introduction into remote control system of the secondary distributive network.
Way of substation Biosco CS installation also confirms they are the best and simplest solutions. Substations are delivered to the site completely prefabricated, tested and ready for installation to MV and LV network.
In only six to eight hours, all installation and commission works of this substation finish. Thanks to this, you are going to decrease installation costs as well as time of network/consumer off-line status.
They have characteristics providing simplicity in all phases of operation. Depending on the buyer’s needs, we produce automated or remote controllable substations, which could be a part of smart network or smart city.

30 year at top

More than 10,000 Biosco substations are installed throughout the world on annual level. For more than three decades, MV and LN Biosco substation with the best integrated components by “Schneider Electric”, provide simple, safe and efficient connection of optimizing costs and quality of services.
Long-term partnership of Elnos Group and “Schneider Electric” is confirmed in the best way through seven years’ long tradition of producing Biosco CS substations in our factory in Belgrade.
Our plants, we produce concrete substations, assemble entire equipment and perform all defined factory testing. In line with buyers’ requests, also provide entire installation of Biosco CS substations per “turn-key” principle.