Completion of works in two substations in Serbia

News | June 24, 2022

The month of June has introduced our teams to the final stages of works on the projects of reconstruction and upgrade of the 400/220 kV substation Kraljevo 3 and 110/35 kV substation Novi Pazar 1.

TS Kraljevo 3 – a task to remember

The capital reconstruction and upgrade of the Kraljevo 3 substation is a project that is part of the construction of the trans-Balkan energy corridor through Serbia.

The most complex part of the work during this project was the installation of a huge transformer (400 MVA) weighing an incredible 270 tons, which is the largest transformer ever installed in Serbia, and the realization of its installation was a true test of patience and skill.

Our teams upgraded the entire 400 kV plant at the Kraljevo 3 substation. The voltage level of this substation, which has been 220/110 kV so far, will be increased to 400/220 kV after reconstruction and upgrade.

The description of our works also includes comprehensive electrical installation works in 400 and 220 kV fields, then the installation of transverse and primary connections and busbars in 400 kV and 220 kV fields, and part of the installation of HV equipment.

TS Novi Pazar 1 – a new degree of stability

We have also entered the final stage of the reconstruction and upgrade of the 110/35 kV substation Novi Pazar 1. The realization of this project will create conditions for the introduction of the 110/35 kV transmission line TS Novi Pazar 1-TS Tutin in this substation.

Until now, this transmission line, although 110 kV, worked as a 35 kV transmission line. After the reconstruction and introduction of the transmission line, the transformers of TS Novi Pazar 1 will be relieved by 30 percent.

Our teams also realized the complete replacement of the 110 kV transmission line field in the substation, installed a new relay protection system and self-consumption system, upgraded the existing control systems, and installed primary and secondary billing equipment on the 110 kV side of the transformer.

The successful implementation of these two large projects has created a new level of reliability of electricity supply in two regions of Serbia.