Creditworthiness Certificate

Elnos BL Banja Luka is a proud owner of one the most significant European standards defining quality and stability of financial business operations – Platinum Creditworthiness Certificate. This Certificate is a confirmation of long-term systematic and good quality work as well as business excellence. At the same time, it is a business operations security guarantee for the upcoming 12 months.

Creditworthiness Certificate is extremely important in practical application since it provides potential partners with faster decision making on the grounds of verified information. Namely, Certificate is based on analysis of financial statements for previous year as well as projection of success in business operations for the upcoming 12 months. Analytical calculation method is unique for all European markets and is based on official annual statements of business entities. Due to this type of evaluation, owners of this Certificate fall in a group of reliable, safe and desirable partners.

As for us, this Creditworthiness Certificate additionally motivates and induces us to go on with exceptional business results on all markets through application of high standards of business operation.