Elnos Denmark

Elnos Group has been successfully operating in the Nordic market for over a decade, and the company’s expansion into Denmark represents a logical continuation of its growth in the region.

The company is headquartered in Charlottenlund, a northern suburb of the Danish capital. The first project we are undertaking in this market is also the largest project in the field of electrical energy infrastructure in Denmark. It involves the construction of a 400 kV dual-circuit transmission line from Endrup to Idomlund and from Endrup to the German border, spanning 150 kilometers. This transmission line will serve as a crucial link between the northern part of Denmark and Germany.

By entering new markets, notably the demanding Danish market, Elnos Group has affirmed its commitment to strengthening its presence in Europe. By venturing into the challenging Danish market, Elnos Group is positioning itself as a significant player in setting new standards for electrical energy solutions across Europe.