Elnos Deutchland

Representative Office of the Elnos Group in Germany underwent a procedure of successful transformation to the higher organizational level. We grew up to a young company ready for filling out new business pages on another international market.

Head seat of the newly-formed company is in Rommerskirchen, and it deals with construction of high-power transmission lines and maintenance of substations.

We also got the first significant contract, whose performance is to start in 2020.

Elnos Group was intensively investing in internationalization in the EU region by establishing business entities in the previous years.

Stronger position of the Elnos Group in Germany brings possibilities for to confirm our knowledge, professional capacity and high level of technical standards in the country that has been the strongest economy in the EU for years.

We believe that future will prove that we are ready to make new step outs in this European knowledge market and technology by our recognizable mix of team work and high-professional approach to projects.