Elnos Iceland

In “land of fire and ice”, Iceland, Elnos Group opened another significant chapter at the international level in early 2015. Our group was strengthened by new member company, Elnos Iceland, having head seat in remote Reykjavik.

At this specific market, we perform engineering in the field of transmission lines, substations and renewable energy sources up to 400 kV nominal voltage.
Apart from numerous exceptional situations and attractions, Iceland is also unique in electrical power engineering. Namely, it is the only country in the world to use 100 per cent of renewable energy sources to produce electrical power. Due to this, realization of electrical power engineering projects at the further North point at the map of our Group and Europe is not only a challenge, but a privilege, too. In this country, we have worked very intensively ever since we have been founded the company to present. We performed very demanding projects in difficult and atypical working conditions.

We proved our expertise in transmission line field first, on a strategically important transmission line we reconstructed in the Arctic Circle area. Soon after this, equally challenging projects of constructing new 220 kV transmission line in lava fields followed. At the same time, we expanded our portfolio to the field ofGIS substations and electrical power plants afterwards.

Thanks to these results, Elnos Groupon Iceland is positioned as active and serious participant on the market, with a range of services and possibilities. We are ready for new challenges, which, in future as well, shall provide this modern society with good quality and safe provision of electrical power.