Elnos inženjering Montenegro

Elnos Group has been actively contributing to the development of the Montenegro’s electro-energetic sector for 15 years, which has had a strong impact on the dynamics of the energy transition in this country. Our member company in Montenegro operates under the name “Elnos inženjering” and its head seat is in Podgorica.
Along with support of our member companies, this company built a position and reputation of Elnos Groupby taking part in construction and modernization of electrical power facilities of high quality and performances.
In the years behind us, a large number of strategic projects were performed along with significant participation of in constructing optical infrastructure, both for Montenegrin Crnogorski elektroprenosni sistem (CGES) and Elektroprivreda Crne Gore (EPCG), which are pivots of electrical power system in Montenegro.
Apart from this, we have an excellent cooperation with private entities that we joined in construction of several facilities. We have created and are creating modern electrical power system image in Montenegro through implementation of most modern solutions in the segment of transmission lines, substations and power plants.
We proudly state that our references are marked in generally all parts of this beautiful country, from big citiesto inaccessible, craggylocations. Thanks to these projects, Montenegro got the most modern transmission line network, reliable and efficient electrical power facilities in the field of substations, hydro power plants and wind farms.
In future, we shall still strive to prove role of an important entity of this market by our professionalism and results.