Elnos Northern Macedonia

Participating in the construction of more than 80 percent of the optical network of today’s Northern Macedonia, our member with an address in Skopje, today is listed in this country as one of the leading electric power engineering companies.

We made an initial step on the Macedonian market in June 2009 through the project of replacing 380 km of classic protective rope with OPGW on transmission lines of nominal voltage of 400, 220 and 110 kV, realized for “Macedonian Electricity Transmission System Operator” (MEPSO). In this way, the beginning of today’s long-term successful cooperation with MEPSO was achieved.

Although the installation of OPGW is a kind of trademark of Elnos Northern Macedonia, the portfolio of this member is much more than this activity, it includes areas of high voltage engineering, industrial infrastructure, and renewable energy sources.

We have already achieved significant results in this field through the construction of two wind parks in this country – WP Bogdanci (36.8 MW) and WP Bogoslovec (36 MW), and we are currently a key player in the construction of WP Perun (30 MW).

In addition to the above, in this market we have recorded several important references in the field of construction and modernization of transmission lines with voltage levels up to 400 kV. Among them, we can proudly single out some of the most modern technological solutions: reconstruction of 110 kV transmission line Skopje 1-SS Kumanovo 1, reconstruction of 110 kV transmission line Skopje 3-HEC Kozjak, construction of a new 2×110 kV transmission line for Hydroelectric Power Plant Sv. Petka.

The teams of Elnos Northern Macedonia are achieving excellent results both at home as well as in other markets of Elnos Group. Elnos Northern Macedonia Resource Center has more than 40 employees, mostly electricians, trained and qualified to work on 110 kV and 400 kV transmission lines and substations.

Today, our member in Northern Macedonia is an important and indispensable part of projects that provide security, stability and a new energy future of the electric power system of this country.