Elnos North Macedonia

Elnos BL made the initial step in the Macedonian market in June 2009. It was the project of replacing of 380 km of conventional ground wire by OPGW on transmission lines with nominal voltage of 400, 220 and 110 kV, done for the Electricity Transmission System Operator of Macedonia (MEPSO). This was the beginning of our long-term cooperation with MEPSO, and at the same time, a great recommendation for further business plans in this market. Elnos BL d.o.o.e.l. Skopje – Macedonia was registered in April 2010.
Portfolio of the company Elnos BL on the Macedonian market includes the field of high voltage engineering, industry, renewable energy sources, and the sector of strategic sales.

The majority of references in Macedonia are from the area of construction and modernization of transmission lines up to 400 kV. In addition to the aforementioned project for MEPSO, we would like to point out the project of reconstruction of 110 kV transmission line Skopje 1-Kumanovo 1, 110 kV transmission line Skopje 3-HPP Kozjak and 2×100 kV transmission line HPP Sv. Petka. We are proud of our participation in the construction of the first wind farm in Macedonia – Bogdanci. Within this project, we built a new 110 kV Bogdanci-Valandovo transmission line based on a turn-key system.

In the coming period we are expecting a big challenge in this market in the field of substations and switchyards. Significant investment for renovation and replacement of equipment will be required due to deterioration of equipment in almost all significant 110 kV substations in Macedonia.