Elnos Norway

The expansion into the Norwegian market was an important continuation of the Elnos Group’s activities in the Scandinavian countries. Our activity in this country was made official in 2017 and includes engineering in the field of energy, ie. design, construction, and reconstruction of high voltage power systems.

By entering the Norwegian market, our company sought to push the boundaries of previous engineering, and the opportunity to do so was immediately gained by participating in a capital project to build the longest HVDC interconnection in Europe called NordLink-Green Link (623 km).

As a subcontractor of ABB, Elnos Group has been entrusted with the implementation of electrical installation works on the construction of Tonstad converter station in Norway. The voltage level of this station is +/- 515 kV, while its transmission capacity is 1,400 MW.

This was the first time that our teams realized the work on the converter station, which was an exceptional task in the technical sense.

The entry into the Norwegian market is important for Elnos Group in many ways. He opened the possibility for us to confirm our knowledge, professional potential, and high level of technical standards in the country that is the third largest exporter of energy.