Elnos Serbia

In the heart of Serbia’s electrical power industry, Elnos Serbia stands out with 79 years of heritage, as a key player in the construction and evolution of the country’s energy system. Through successful implementation of extensive projects for reconstruction, modernization, and construction of facilities up to 400 kV, it has gained a reputation as an expert in this field.

Company proves this position and develops it permanently. We are especially proud of its strong onset in the segment of renewable energy sources, where it performs capital projects not in the field of hydro and wind power, but also in pioneer ‘green projects’ in the field of thermal energy. On these projects, which are important for provision of future energy sources, we cooperate as a partner with world leaders hence bringing most modern technical solutions and innovations to Serbia.

Our member in Serbia provides parent market with a great perspective through a unique portfolio in the field of infrastructure and production. In the segment of infrastructure for traffic, it is one of rare regional companies that can perform ‘turn-key’projects in the field of contact networks. On the other hand, Elnos Serbia is the only licensed partner of Schneider Electric for production of BIOSCO CS substations in Serbia and region. This innovative product provides modern development of secondary distributive network.

Elnos Serbia has a very important role at international market of Elnos Group concern. Being one of its four resource centers, it takes part in constructing modern electrical power systems, creation of innovative solutions for sustainable energetic future.