ENS Croatia

The growth of demand for electricity, with an emphasis on energy from renewable sources, was recognized by the Elnos Group as the right moment for a new and greater step into the Croatian market.

Following this important trend, our member ENS Croatia in 2021 made new business steps with the goal of growing into a company specializing in the field of renewable sources and industrial infrastructure. As a natural sequence of new business circumstances, this same year the company’s headquarter was moved to Zagreb.

In the following years, a continuous realization of projects in the field of solar energy began – first SE Bukovica (6.25 MWp), followed by SE Perkovci (4.89 MWp), and SE Vidukin Gaj (25 MWp).

The company’s new market focus is on projects in the field of wind farms and photovoltaic power plants with a capacity of more than 1 MW, and ENS Croatia certainly has its new business vision in the fields of geothermal and biofuel power plants.

Elnos Group opened its doors to the Croatian market in 2014. That year, our Group founded ENS Croatia with its headquarters in Kistanje, whose activities in the past period were focused on the segment of organic production of indigenous products.

We are convinced that in the coming years on the market of this country we will develop our scope of business as well as our core business of the Group in the field of construction of power facilities up to 400 kV voltage level.