ENS Slovenia

In February 2017, Elnos Group became richer for its largest EU member – ENS Slovenia. From the beginning of its work until today, this company has very successfully built an enviable business portfolio based on the implementation of projects for modernization, reconstruction, and construction of power facilities up to 400 kV, both on the Slovenian and European markets.

From the wide range of work performed by ENS teams, the following areas stand out: reconstruction and modernization of transmission lines, modernization, and construction of substations up to 400 kV on a turnkey basis, implementation of reconstruction and maintenance projects for telecommunications antennas, and projects in the field of industrial infrastructure.

The high motivation and expertise of our team from Ljubljana is confirmed from the first, and with each new project. In the past five years of their existence ENS teams have implemented more than 400 small and large projects in the home market in Slovenia, and as part of Elnos Group they were part of projects in: Iceland, Norway, the Netherlands, and Montenegro.

The resource center of our Slovenian member consists of a team of engineers and electricians with extensive experience and references. Part of this team consists of a group of experienced certified installers for the installation of 110 kV cables, which is a significant part of our portfolio for the Slovenian and European markets.

Based on the results so far, ENS and Elnos Group are planning new investments in the coming years, primarily in staff, equipment, and education, which will be a guarantee of quality and growth in the future.