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  • Elnos Group Info issue 15

    December 2023.

    Through renewable energy projects (RES), we are setting new standards in the green transition. Our teams are pivotal players in building capacities that will generate over 800 megawatts from RE sources across the region and Europe, adding up to our present and most impressive portfolio of a total of 1.200 megawatts of installed renewable energy capacity.
    In this magazine, we showcase projects that are reshaping our industry and positively impacting lives across Europe. We take great pleasure in highlighting this achievement, a direct result of the dedicated teamwork of over 650 of our employees.

    Enjoy reading!

  • Elnos Group Info issue 14

    December 2022.

    The world is facing a pressing climate and energy crisis. At the same time, Elnos Group is stepping up the pace toward building a sustainable future and strives to provide a brighter future for all. Through our impressive engineering, we advance in numerous renewable energy sources projects (RES). In this magazine, we share with you our most memorable moments and most remarkable engineering breakthroughs of the year. Enjoy reading!

  • Elnos Group Info issue 13

    December 2021.

    We are living in a fast-changing world. These extremely fast changes started with megatrends and reached their historical peak during Covid 19 pandemic. Nevertheless, even a period characterized by such on-going fluctuations has its constants, something that never alters. Most important among such constants is power transition, vital for economic recovery. Green and carbon neutral projects are crucial on our road to a better and sustainable future. The swing of their development, along with new steps we made forward, are a reason for optimism we wish to share with you.

  • Elnos Group Info issue 12

    December 2020.

    Our lives and our world have changed like never before. Year 2020 will remain remembered as a major turn in history. Despite difficulties caused by Covid 19 crisis, here before you are stories of a better, greater and stronger Elnos Group, a unique privately owned company from area of former Yugoslavia, which in last ten years has gained a reputation of a high caliber European Group, shoulder to shoulder with those who are building a sustainable energy future for new generations...

  • Elnos Group Info issue 11

    September 2019.

    In the area of global megatrends, social and technological changes, as well as changes in domain of energetics, are occurring faster than ever. Development of modern age is most closely connected with energetics, future of which lies in renewable energy sources. A journey to energy of the future is a long one and numerous ever more complex tasks stand before us. We in Elnos Group, live these values through our devoted creative efforts and share them with you in our stories about projects that are changing energy map of Europe...

  • Elnos Group Info issue 10

    March 2018.

    For years, we have been devoted to creating energy future and the crown of our engagement actually was reached in 2017. Through increasing number of projects in different fields of RES, we affirmed our expertise starting from the far North Icelandic parts to fruitful Banat plains. We were equally successful in other fields of power engineering, as well as on our new markets...


  • Elnos Group Info issue 9

    August 2016

    Each project, offer, event and each page of the magazine are parts of whole story. Road to the position of established leader and head of the development in the energetics sector was not an easy one. We overcame numerous challenges – the most difficult projects in extreme and the harshest working conditions are among these – as well as expert projects, which asked for proficient scientific approach...


  • Elnos Group Info issue 8

    June 2015

    We touched universal topics, which usually start significant anniversaries and jubilees: where are we from, where are we now and where are we going? We looked for the answers to these questions from Dušan Torbica, the President of the Elnos Group, so do not miss this interview. We would like to remind you where we come from as well as of our 70-years’ jubilee proudly and with special piety. In the title story, story on strategic strengthening of our Group, find out where we are heading...


  • Elnos Group Info issue 7

    February 2014

    Our portfolio and references best illustrate our strength in 2013. We are proud of our participation in capital projects such as: two largest power engineering projects in Sweden, substation construction in Stanari and construction of highway Banjaluka-Doboj in the Republic of Srpska, as well as reconstruction and modernization project of railway Belgrade-Niš in Serbia...


  • Elnos Group Info issue 6

    Jun/June 2015

    During the past year we placed a lot of energy and effort in order to respond to all professional challenges on the highest level. With the envious enthusiasm we participated in numerous projects of building and reconstruction, thus creating completely new facilities, or modernising the existing facilities of electroenergetic system. On the following pages we present a list of interesting projects...