Live responsibly

Functioning together with the society where we work, we realized a number of projects and initiatives whose significance helps in creating the most social values. 


Our hard working and dedication help us at improving the community life, we have become synonym for the socially responsible company, why we have been awarded publically also, but more often informally through the generous support and gratitude of those we support. Our mission and our way of life is being responsible to colleagues, partners, to the environment where we live and create.


One thing is certain, the formation of the first generation of Elnos scholars a friendly relationship of our company and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering Banja Luka had reached a new level.
The first groups of Elnos scholars are the students of department power engineering. As part of the scholarship program we have, in addition to providing financial support, we also included specific scientific work. In fact, our experts have taken roles of mentors, to assist them and conducting them in researching work for their graduate theses.


The scholarship program is the culmination of our company’s cooperation with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Banja Luka, where we have awarded the best students, supported the publishing of the professional literature, and helped many generations of students from this faculty to visit popular “Elektrijade”.
We are convinced that the path of expanding  the possibilities of energy knowledge the only path to a prosperous future, and through the  supporting program the most successful young talents  we are making our contribution in ensuring quality experts, who are crucial to the development of power industry.


This is the year when we have become aware, in a difficult way, and more than ever, how the circumstances of highly endangered health security can disrupt our way of life. The importance of preserving community health has always been a priority for our company, which we have shown many times with our social activism.
This spring, we decided to support the health sector at its core, that is, in its scientific research activities. By donating valuable laboratory equipment for new immunological testing to the Center for Biomedical Research of the Medical Faculty in Banja Luka, we have encouraged the work of the only center of this kind in the Republika Srpska.

Laboratorija_centar za istraživanja

Supporting scientific and research activities will continue to be an important part of our socially responsible mission.


It’s been many years since the International Declaration on the Child’s Right written with the message that mankind owes to the child all the best we can give. The adults’ duty is to never forget that. We are a Company that for years has been trying to support many children.
We are pleased that this year we also were a part of a humanitarian action “With love for the brave hearts”, which  was dedicated to the construction of day care centers for children with disabilities, in Banja Luka and Trebinje, last year.

S ljubavlju hrabrim srcima

Led by the idea that children’s smile and play are the most beautiful decorations of humankind, for that we gave the youngest residents of Banja Luka a place for play, built according to the standards of modern times at the place of an old playground, in the settlement of Nova Varoš. We are glad that this playground, from its opening until today, has become their new outdoor home for many children.

igralište Nova Varoš

We thank all employees of the Association of Parents of premature children “Mrvice”, the Children’s Education Center “Dajte nam šansu – Zvjezdice”,  Children’s Home “Rada Vranješević” and many others, who showed us with the nice partnership what it means dedication, responsibility and love and to create a new “little humanity”. We hope that we encourage them to continue to work in their human vocation.


A theater festive atmosphere very easily makes that at the moment you become big, said true theatre lovers. We in Elnos consider we are truly privileged that we are being a long-time friends of those who create the theater magic.

Being a partner in holding the most prestigious theater festival in Banja Luka “Teatar Fest ,Petar Kočić “, for us is experience which we look forward every year, and why we always with joy waiting for the June.

predstava Ne u moje ime

For years we have supported a series of amateur and professional event in the field of culture, such as the International Festival of Poetry “Dječije carstvo “, the work of the Banja Luka singing society “Jedinstvo” theater “Jazavac”, but also we have a number of donations for infrastructure projects of schools reconstructions, publishing and film industry.

We believe that investing in culture you invest in the future, so we will be faithful admirers of cultural activities in the time to come.


Sport always points at other, it teaches us about game and life with others. It creates friendships, strengthens human relations and testifies to their relationship. The values ​that sports gives us are the importance of the team, the respect of colleagues and striving towards the same goal are highly ranked at our scale of values.

Aware of the importance what sports brings with it, we in Elnos Group, tried as much as possible to support sports clubs.
So we have in past years supported the work of the Banja Luka football, basketball and handball club “Borac”, football club “Rudar” from Prijedor, and support the work of a large number of youth amateur clubs and help to maintenance sporting events.

For years, we have supported the holding of many sports events in the region and beyond, while we tried to be with clubs in the field of rare sports, but also for the popular sports. With the joy, today we remember that we were sponsors of the Novi Sad fencing club “Swords and Masks”, the water polo team of Montenegro, young swimmers “Red Star”, football and handball club “Borac” from Banja Luka, Prijedor football club “Rudar” and many other sports clubs.


We will certainly remember as a special experience, the support for holding the finals of the Icelandic Football Cup, which was our small contribution to the affirmation of football in this country.
We are pleased that we were a part of team in supporting a number of valuable clubs. We believe that this will be our task in the future.