Live responsibly


Improvement of community life, support and responsible investment in its brighter future is corporative choice Elnos Group especially makes for many years.
Breathing together with society we work at, we tried to perform a series of projects and initiatives whose importance contributes creating the most beautiful social values.
We became synonym for socially responsible company of high level, due to which we had been awarded in public, but more often informally through unselfish support and gratitude of those who we had supported.


Live responsibly

Elnos Group grew to international concern in the field of electrical power engineering expanding its business operations by building long-lasting values with paying respect to environmental protection primarily.
We operate in line with environmental protection system ISO 14001:2015. According to adopted long-term strategy of successful business operation we support development and adoption of technologies acceptable for environment.
Our biggest value is our employees who are vital investment of our company. This is the reason we pay special attention to development of their motivation and success, their constant professional improvement with special stress to health and safety at work.
It is a part of our mission to act responsibly towards our colleagues, partners, environment and social community we live in and work in and we consider it to be a key to successful corporative future.

Creative play as a gift

Lead by idea that children laughter and play are the biggest social values of all, we tried to make huge effort and helped old playground in Banja Luka’s settlement Nova varoš get a totally new appearance and function for modern play per new age standards.
Cooperating with our partner “Tenzo”, at 450 square meters of old playground in Ravnogorska Street, we build a new, creative author playground, whose concept provides possibility to have 70 little ones playing at the same time.


Playground in Ravnogorska Street was performed as a project representing combination of modern and creative design perfectly fitting existing green surroundings.
New playful surface in Ravnogorska Street has a spirit of games of future and, at the same time, is a small piece of perfectly fit children empire fitted in rich greenery of this location.
Modern toys, some of them installed in BiH and RS for the first time, even on the opening day caused enormous delight of little ones, which, for us in Elnos Group, is the best confirmation of our join efforts are worthwhile completely.

Playground construction design was performed within public-private partnership of the City of Banja Luka with socially responsible companies, and in line with non-profit regulations of modern type of donating.

First practical educations, first accomplishments

For years, generations of secondary school students studying at the School of Economy and School of Electrical Engineering from Banja Luka have had an opportunity for their practical educations in Electrical Assembly Workshop of Elnos Banja Luka.


This way, students get a chance to connect their theoretical knowledge with practical experience within everyday working process. Our experienced fitters are trying to help the students realize as good practical work as possible through exercises.
Our workshops and employees became an important link in the process of educating young generations. Fact that these students got their jobs and became our good employees is the best stimulation to be their support in future as well.
Very often we had a situation when we feel very content by ambition of the students and the fact that they eagerly started each new project, so that some of them are employees of our company at present.
In perspective, Elnos Group shall open to provide students of secondary schools and university with practical education according to possibilities and pursuant to valid acts, as well as in line with schools and university’s curriculums.

How to become a top expert?

We are the company that supports a wide range of projects and initiatives by university community. We believe it is very important to provide students with an opportunity to enrich their knowledge acquired at the faculty with practical education on the projects performed by our company.


One of the most recent organized study visits was at Wind Farm Čibuk 1 construction site in South East Banat.  Nenad Fric, one of professors from the Faculty of Civil Engineering shared his impressions with us.

“Thanks to social responsibility of the Elnos Group as well as enthusiasm of big number of individuals, one generation of students shall complete their studies with one experience more compared to many of those before them. For some, this experience can exactly make a difference that would be sufficient for the first employment”

Study visit paid to the Wind Farm Čibuk 1 is only one in a series we organized. Students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering from Banja Luka will especially remember field visit organized during construction of 400 kV Stanari substation.

“During this visit, students got a chance to see operating high-voltage devices in 400 kV and 110 kV bays, which they had not had a chance to see before because substations were charged. Visit to substation Stanari is a very useful one. We look forward to continue this type of cooperation”

Đorđe Lekić, Assistant Professor of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering from Banja Luka

Results and impressions such as these are stimulation for us in the Elnos Group to go on with organizing expert field visits of capital projects.

Once the effort is worthwhile

Hard work has to be rewarded. We, people of the Elnos Group, believe that such an order of events is a key for making even better results. We tried to show it through cooperation with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering from Banja Luka that lasted for many years.
For years now, our company supports attendance as many students of the FEE from Banja Luka as possible to the funniest gatherings of the South East European student of electrical engineering, better known as Elektrijada. This is an event that has gathered the best students for six decades and they compete in knowledge and sports with their colleagues from other universities.

“For many years now, we have nurtured successful cooperation with Elnos Company. To us, it is an honor that such a company is eager to respond to all help cries and to participate in our activities. We hope that our nice tradition of partnership is going to be continued in future as well”

Milorad Kecman, President of the Association of Students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering from Banja Luka.

Year after year, Elnos Group rewards students from the FEE Banja Luka achieving the best results.


Cooperating with this university institution, we took part on events such as Open day, Electrical Engineering day in Banja Luka, supported publishing of professional literature by professors of this faculty.
We believe our strong relation in years to come is going to be even better.

Culture and sport are the best life spices

To be socially responsible means to support institutions and organizations striving to raise quality of life to as high level as possible.
This is one of the most important reasons we tried to be a support and reliance for as many sport organizations and cultural institutions as possible in previous years.


Sports language is one of most universal communication means in the planet. All those understanding it know in what measure sport contributes creation of better social relationships and creating positive balance of physical and mental components of human being.
Being aware of sport values, we, the Elnos Group, try to be as much support as possible to sport associations of the regional and wider level, as well.
So, in the past years, we supported work of Banja Luka Football and Handball Club “Borac”, Football Club “Rudar” from Prijedor and many other clubs and sport schools in the region.
Working in these fields, we made a step forward in Iceland where we supported organization of football cup of this country.

We tried to leave a significant mark in preservation of cultural and spiritual heritage. So, for many years, we have supported a series of amateur and professional events in culture. Among projects we supported, we would like to mention support to organization of theater festival “Teatar fest”, international poetry festival “Dječije carstvo”, support to work of the choir “Jedinstvo”, construction of city theater “Jazavac” and many others.