Modern production of innovative systems

Lead by idea that business operations need to be adjusted to constant growing and more complex market demands and investors’ needs, Elnos Electrical mechanical workshop (EMW) in Banja Luka and Belgrade for years have been successfully rounding production activities and delivery of relay protection and remote control system as well as system of in-house consumption.


For 12 years of its existence in Banja Luka and six in Belgrade, workshops performed a series of projects by installing hundreds of cabinets into electrical power engineering facilities throughout the region. This sector has experts and equipment, which could respond to the most modern technological requirements and to be recognized at very demanding market.

Top product: protection and control cabinets


U okviru kompletnog portfolija proizvodnje elektromontažnih radionica, vremenom su se kao top proizvod izdvojili sistemi relejne zaštite i daljinskog upravljanja, koje isporučujemo za potrebe elektroenergetskih i industrijskih postrojenja. U ormare ovog tipa se ugrađuju proizvodi renomiranih svjetskih proizvođača kao što su: Siemens, ABB, Schneider Electric, SEL, Phoenix, Contact Rittal.

Kvalitetom do niza referenci

Within entire production portfolio of electrical mechanical workshops, relay protection and remote control systems, which we recommend for needs in electrical power engineering and industrial plants, set out as top products during time. These types of cabinets are installed with products of renowned world producers such as: Siemens, ABB, Schneider Electric, SEL, Phoenix, Contact Rittal.

Quality leads to a series of references

Elnos’ cabinets became parts of the biggest electrical power facilities in the region such as: TPP Stanari, TPP Ugljevik, HPP Bajina Bašta, HPP on Trebišnjica River, HPP Bočac, HPP Zvornik, SS Vranje, project Spreader 12.000 of the cast mine Kolubara, and Wind Park Čibuk 1.
Products from our EMW are the hearts of many modern residential, business and production structures, such as: building of the Government of Republic of Srpska, Mtel, Euroherc, and shopping center FIS in Banja Luka, Alumina factory, Dubiccoton and many other.


From design to commission

Electrical mechanical workshops are synthesis of work of almost all sectors of the company, from sales, through engineering, to logistics.Cabinets’ making starts in the designer’s office. After this, designs are taken over by the workshop where we install and assemble systems of control and protection. Once this part is done, configuration parameterization and calibration of protective-controlling devices follow.
At the end, we perform factory tests and simulation of switchyards in the workshop, the way this system is supposed to function in substations. This way, we try to create situation as it is going to be later on in system exploitation.
Our products comply with high criteria of quality and reliability, which is one of the factors confirmed and recognized at the market.
Realized results of the EMW would be unthinkable without innovative and efficient approach of our experts, who can respond with most modern technological requirements. EMW teams are ready to leave special mark on each product they produce. Teams, exactly, are the most important link for the success of the electrical mechanical workshops.