On the border of Austria and Germany

News | July 28, 2023

With outstanding technical expertise and commitment to deadlines, our company’s teams successfully and ahead of schedule completed the work on the reconstruction of the transmission line 380 kV Vöhringen-Füssen in Germany.

The work took place on a 4.5-kilometer section bordering Austria. The works included the disassembly of the old and the assembly of the new conductor, as well as the replacement of insulator chains.

With the completion of this project, vital parts of this transmission line have been revitalized. The success of this mission required a special combination of knowledge and skill.

Four years ago, Elnos Group successfully entered the German market, the country whose technical equipment assembly standards are the most demanding in Europe.

With the successful realization of another project in the field of reconstruction, our teams for transmission lines have confirmed that they are at the forefront of the most challenging energy projects in this field and country.