Our markets


By opening new markets and new business segments, the Elnos Group continues to raise the level of operations and strengthen its position in the European market. One of our markets is Portugal, where our company has successfully implemented its first major solar project.

The big project task entrusted to us included the design of the Morgavel solar power plant (installed capacity of 48.96 / 44 MW AC) and its connecting elements to the transmission network. By the way, this power plant will cover 106.6 hectares of land in central Portugal and will be among the largest in Europe.

The Netherlands

In the very challenging year of 2020, the high business standards of our company opened the door to another important European market – the Netherlands.

We have confirmed our professional abilities in this country through the implementation of a project in the field of construction of industrial infrastructure for the needs of energy supply of the Calcit factory, near the city of Terneuzen.

The teams of our Slovenian member oversaw our first project mission in the Netherlands, and they performed the tasks entrusted to them without equal.

This project is also one of our first significant steps on the EU market in the field of production, because electrical cabinets (bearers of the CE mark), which were installed within this project were manufactured in the Electrical Workshop Banja Luka.


Our business routes took us to another Viking country – Denmark. In the smallest Nordic country and one of the most peaceful societies in the world, we were buliding a 400 kV transmission line 150 km long.

It was project of construction of 400 kV two-system transmission lines Endrup-Idomlund and Endrup-German border.

By entering on Denmark market, we have also completed the Nordic market.