Construction of 220 kV transmission line Kröflulína 3

  • Zemlja: Island
  • Lokacija: sjever Islanda
  • Godina: 2019-2020.
  • Investitor: “Landsnet”, Island
  • Status: U realizaciji

The significance of the project:
The project of construction 121 km of a new 220 kV transmission line Kröflulína 3 is the venture of high importance for raising the stability of the electricity network in the north and east of Iceland. By new transmission line will be connected Krafla geothermal power and hydropower plant Fljótsdalu, two extremely important energy points of Iceland.

Elnos Group works:
Our teams in the framework of  construction of this TL is entrusted assembly work and raising of 328 transmission towers which will eventually rise up to the height of 31 meters.
Construction of TL Kröflulína 3 is the project that carries a high degree of complexity, because the route passes over rough mountain areas and rivers over the ruthless weather conditions.
During the last summer and in the beginning of 2020, our teams have performed demanding phase of project preparatory works, after which it was successfully performed the first phase of towers raising.
A particular challenge for our people, as part of this important endeavor, are the works relating to the installation of massive tubular towers for special purposes at the rough and harsh terrain of the country.