Construction of the 400 kV substation Skogssäter

  • Zemlja: Sweden
  • Lokacija: Trollhättan, western Sweden
  • Godina: 2018. i 2021.
  • Investitor: Svenska Kraftnät, Sweden
  • Status: In progress

The significance of the project:
The construction of new substations Skogssäter created a new and powerful energy hub in the western part of Sweden. The existing substation Skogssäter was put into operation 45 years ago and its technical service is close to the end. Due to the growing needs of the electricity system of Sweden, the investor is constructing a new substation near the old one, while the old substation will be partially reconstructed and largely removed.
If the works continued according the planned schedule, the new substation will become operational in stages by 2019, and by 2021, while the old substation Skogssäter will completely stop with working in 2022.

Elnos Group works:
The project, which is Elnos Group part of, we install two new 400 kV interconnection facilities CT15 and CT16 in new substations. Our services also involves the installation of primary equipment in the switchyard 400 kV substation Skogssäter, installation of steel structures for high-voltage apparatus, then the installation of high-voltage apparatus and system bus, making high voltage connection in the fields, connected to the earth structure and apparatus and condenser assembly batteries. Also, our tasks include primary connecting two current transformers and reactors for the new interconnection installations and assembly of the disconnector and the six voltage transformers in the 130 kV transmission field.