High Speed ​​2 – design, production, and installation of distribution substations

  • Zemlja: Great Britain
  • Godina: 2022. i 2023.
  • Investitor: Government of Great Britain
  • Glavni ugovarač: Consortium SCS (Skanska, Constain, Strabag)
  • Tip: In progress

Significance of the project:

High Speed ​​2 is currently the largest infrastructure project in Europe and the name of the future railway line for ultra-fast trains that will connect four major British cities. The construction of this rail for ultra-fast trains is called the megaproject of the century.

The network of ultra-modern railway infrastructure High Speed ​​2 will ultimately be 676 km long, and the speed of trains on it will reach an incredible 400 km/h.

The implementation of the HS2 project aims to solve three strategic problems of Great Britain: increasing railway capacity, stimulating regional development, and reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Elnos Group works:

With the first working pages done as part of the High Speed ​​2 megaproject, Elnos Group stepped into the British market.

Our company’s teams have been entrusted with a complex task that includes the design, production, delivery, and installation of 46 distribution substations to provide power supply for three construction sites– at West Ruislip, Atlas Road, and Victoria Road Crossover Box.

These distribution substations are “custom-made” facilities of the High Speed ​​2 project, their voltage level ranges from 11 kV/0.4 kV and power 630 kVA to voltage level 11 kV/20 kV and 8 MVA.

Their length varies from five to twelve meters.

Elnos teams in Banja Luka and Belgrade, have successfully designed, performed, and installed most of the planned distribution substations on construction sites near northwest London.