Mini hydro power plant Zapeće Kneževo

  • Zemlja: Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Lokacija: Kneževo
  • Godina: 2015.
  • Investitor: „EHE“ d.o.o. Banjaluka
  • Status: Finished

The project significance

Mini-hydro power plant “Zapeće” is the free flow hydro power plant with no accumulation and its operation is provided by automatically, unmanned with remote controlled. Installed capacity of this power plant is 3.4 MW and with planned annual production will be provided a sufficient amount of electricity to supply up to 5,200 households.

 Elnos Group works

Under the contract with the investor “EHE” Banjaluka, Elnos Group was responsible for the realization of complete electrical installation works and works on the installation of power equipment.

After adjustment of the dynamic plan with contractors responsible for construction and mechanical phases, over a period of two and a half months, it was done complete installation of power equipment, of medium voltage installations, own consumption cabinets, step-up transformers, control and protective cabinets, the necessary distribution of command signal and power cables LV and MV and installation of measuring equipment at the water intake.

In May 2015, was made the first connection, or synchronizing of power plant to the grid.

Photos from this project