Power transformer station 110/35/10 kV, 2×31.5 MVA ; Ilićevo

  • Zemlja: Srbija
  • Lokacija: Ilićevo, Kragujevac, Srbija
  • Godina: 2012.
  • Investitor: PD Centar, Kragujevac
  • Status: završeni radovi

The project significance

The project of reconstruction and upgrading of PTS 110/35/10 kV Ilićevo it secured greater needs of the users, electricity safe supply of a downtown and the industrial zone. Besides, reconstruction and upgrading of PTS Ilićevo at the same time represents modernization and improvement of the facility itself.

Elnos Group works

Our company has carried out works on reconstruction and upgrading of power transformer station Ilićevo. This project included electrical installation and construction works on the 110 kV switchgear, 35 kV facility, dismantling and installation of new energy transformer and upgrades of a new 10 kV facility.

Reconstruction and upgrading of power transformer station was carried out in two phases. The first phase was carried out dismantling of old power transformer and installation of new power transformer 31.5 MVA. The second phase of the project included the reconstruction of the second half of the 110 kV plant – one TL and one transformer field, as well as the entire 10 kV facility. We were responsible for the construction work on the 110 kV switchgear and the construction of transport infrastructure for the proper access to the object.