Power transformer station 400/110 kV Vranje 4

  • Zemlja: Srbija
  • Lokacija: Vranje, Srbija
  • Godina: 2011./2012.
  • Investitor: EU Delegacija(za EMS, Srbija, Beograd)
  • Status: završen projekat
  • Tip: „ključ u ruke“

The project significance

This is one of the largest and most important projects in Serbia. This substation is located on the route of the 400 kV connection of Western Europe with its southern parts and Turkey. This project is of great importance for the southeastern part of Serbia, where it will improve voltage conditions and the possibility for the development of this part of the state.

 Elnos Group works

Company Elnos BL made the main construction, electric and detailed design for the construction of a new power transformer station 400/110 kV Vranje 4, as well as design of the relay protection cabinets.

This power transformer station meets the highest technical and technological world standards and its construction was adjusted to the highest urbanistic standards and ecological requirements.

Photos from this project