Reconstructions in TPP Kostolac

  • Zemlja: Serbia
  • Lokacija: Kostolac
  • Godina: 2015.
  • Investitor: EPS, PD "Termoelektrane i kopovi Kostolac"
  • Glavni ugovarač: Siemens, Belgrade
  • Status: Finished

Project importance:

The aim of realization of two reconstruction projects in Thermal Power Plant Kostalac, one of the most important thermal power plants in Serbia, was to have a positive impact on increase of technical efficiency and usage of production capacity for electrical power of this electrical power plant.

Elnos Group activities:

During this project, Elnos Group reconstructed 110 kV distribution plant. This plant is located in front of the thermal power plant itself Kostolac A and represents a place for injecting of power for two thermal blocks of thermal power plant Kostolac A.

It was our task to dismount and replace entire primary equipment, and to replace old mechanical protection with new, micro-processing one. Parts of 110 kV plant within 2T transformer bay, TL 1159 Drmno and TL 1128/1 Rudnik I were reconstructed, which almost entirely revitalized 110 kV side of plant.

We performed the project successfully, being Sub-contractor to Siemens Belgrade, for Investor EPS, PD “Thermal plants and cast mines Kostolac”. Simultaneously with reconstruction of 110 kV distribution plant, we reconstructed 45 kV by of 2T transformer.