Tunnel Stambolčić, Istočno Sarajevo

  • Zemlja: Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Lokacija: Municipality Pale, B&H
  • Godina: 2013.
  • Investitor: JP Putevi Republike Srpske, Banjaluka
  • Status: Finished

The project significance

The Stambolčić tunnel represents the shortest connection between Sarajevo and Pale to Goražde and Višegrad, as well as the shortest connection for companies and citizens of Prača with Pale and Sarajevo. For the inhabitants of Podgrab and Prača this main road is the lifeline for the existence in this area. The total length of the tunnel is 928.42 m. With this project we have made an important infrastructure project safe for undisturbed traffic flow.

Elnos Group works

Elnos Group did the installation of system for electrical installations and ventilation in the tunnel Stambolčić which is located on the main road M5 Sarajevo -Prača.

The main aim of lighting installations in this tunnel is to ensure safe traffic during days and nights, with the degree of safety that exists in the neighboring places of the open road.

Apart from this, a very significant factor for safety in the tunnel is the systems of fire detection, fire alarms, light traffic signals and ventilation systems. With these installations the tunnel Stambolčić meets all standards of the European Union and regulations for these kinds of facilities.