All our sectors and business services make a unique unity. In order to provide each partner with the best technical and commercial solution and the highest quality of service, the sales is systematically organised through sectors: system sales, tender sales and the goods sales.

System sale is particularly important part of our business system, which combines complete engineering portfolio with the market. This part of the sale, a “turnkey” principle, deals with the technically most challenging part of the projects, whether it is about public procurement or private investments. Design solutions and bids often go a step further than required, bringing suggestions for improving the projects to the buyers.

The work of tender sales is primarily focused on public procurement projects, whose the main goal is equipment delivery for the electric engineering system. Many years of professional operations in this area and numerous references have resulted in today’s high position of a trusted and respected supplier.

A part which relates at good sales of Elnos Group have had fantastic results and references that brought it to the leading position in B&H. In particular, we would like to point out that we have a highly developed wholesale and retail network, as well as one of the best supplied wholesale warehouses, with 8,000 items of domestic and foreign suppliers.