Design office

We create solutions for the future

Design office is a specialised part of engineering, dealing with the creation of project documentation in the field of energy and construction. Behind the design office stood trusted and long-term experience, and a long list of projects. Our expert team consists of licenced engineers in the field of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and civil engineering. They have the best software and, through the synthesis of expert knowledge and experience, by following modern trends, provide the market with superior solutions,

and high-quality design and implementation of all projects.

Portfolio of design office includes designing of power transformer stations up to voltage level of 400 kV, either it is about building of a new or a modernisation of existing facilities, wind power plants and electromechanical parts of hydro power plants, transmission lines up to voltage level of 400 kV, electrical engineering (EE ) part of the infrastructural projects (motorways, tunnels, etc.), Smart Grid Technologies (EE part), and the application for industrial automation.