We create new values

Implementation of complex project contributing well-being of the communityin a safe, efficient, and sustainable manner, engineering for infrastructure creates new values for everyday life. Our experienced team of experts for construction, upgrade, reconstruction and maintenance of electrical power engineering (EE) systems for various resource networks, has an exceptional list of references itself covering as follows: highways, railways, tunnels, telecommunications, fields of industryand production, electrical power networksetc.This is a wide range of activities in the field of electrical power engineering, where we set aside the following:construction, reconstruction and maintenance of substations and transmission lines of medium voltage, low voltage networks, street light, as well as entire electrical installation works for mentioned technical structures and systems, as well as surveillance of traffic management centers.

Apart from aforementioned, this part of engineering is specialized for works within industry and installations, from designing and integration of automation systems and process control to performance of electrical installations of facilities with various purposes. These are complex and demanding projects where we apply comprehensive approach ‘custom made’, starting with technical-consulting assistance, designingand various technical and commercial solutions, to setting installations, commissioning plant and maintenance.Our solutions in the field of industry and technology are flexible and they cover as follows: designing and integration of systems in refineries, food industry, thermal power plants running on bio and animal mass, sugar factoriesand other industrial facilities. In the field of electrical installations, there are various types of facilities: residential and business-dwelling, large shopping centers, production and sports halls, hotels, banks, telecommunication centers etc.

Thanks to professionalism, high quality of our services and resources, we are proven and desirable contractor for public companies, private companies and investors.