Transmission Lines

Always on the right route

In a period longer than a decade, Elnos Group has built and reconstructed thousands of kilometres of transmission lines at all voltage levels up to 400 kV. Our customers are national power transmission and regional distribution companies, as well as the leading investors in the energy production facilities. Exceptional professionalism, results and engineering capabilities in respect of transmission lines are best proven by numerous capital projects of strengthening energy transmission capacity.
This part of engineering implements activities of construction of transmission lines based on a “turnkey” principle, as well as activities of reconstruction and refurbishment of existing transmission lines: design, works on the construction of the foundations and earthning, erection of towers and electrical installation works; and, along with the installation of OPGW: mounting of cabinets and ODFs, splicing and testing of optical fibres, optical junction box assembly, completion of optical links and testing of optical connection routes.
Elnos transmission line engineering is always on the right way – with the expertise and competence at all levels, experience, and modern equipment.